Companies announce that they are now hiring for ad interim and permanent jobs

When companies announce they are now hiring for an ad interim job - freelancers have to do research and make a good impression in presentation
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Being a self-employed as a freelancer means constant networking and researching for the ideal clients. Building good relationships with clients is an essential part of building a successful business.

When a company lists itself as NOW HIRING, freelancers locals, nationwide and even - in some situations - from all over the globe, compete to be part of the hiring process. Each company; however have different specifications and regulations regarding the application process.

How do you make a good impression on companies that are now hiring?

If applying to a position you think is ideal for you, you need to make sure that you have the exact skills that the company is looking for. The way you present yourself to the company, will essentially lead to them either hiring you or not. Thus, first impressions are the most important factor of applying for the ad interim job.

The best way to make a good impression is to write a killer proposal, query or pitch for the specific ad interim job you are applying to. This can be sent as an email, post or via face-to-face delivery in case of an interview. It is best to do research about writing these proposals in order to make it a flawless piece and to impress!

A big concern of companies that are now hiring freelancers to work for them is the fear of scams. Make sure that you are as honest and sincere about your knowledge and capability to do the work you are hired to do. Give the company enough references and samples of your work to show that you are a serious candidate.

Any ad interim job is taken for the reason to earn money. Your main priority is to earn money from the work you do. However, doing a bit extra for the ad interim job and company you love helps to build positive thinking of you among the ones you are working for. You might even get a little something extra for all the effort you put in!

Deadlines are a very serious matter to companies that are now hiring, especially freelancers working remotely or online such as logo designers and writers. Make sure that you plan correctly, in order to deliver work promptly and on time. Missing a deadline may result to the company dismissing you. One dismissal can mean a bad networking situation, leading to companies choosing to rather not hire you.

Where to look for companies that are now hiring?

When ad interim job hunting, that Now Hiring banner on top of a website page is exactly what you will be looking for! Searching the internet for ad interim jobs can become tiring, but look no further, here are a few sites that may help you with your ad interim job hunting spree.
• Bilingualcareer
• Careerbuilder
• Careerpark
• Mycareerspace
• Linkup

The most feared question a company asks a potential candidate is “Why Should We Now Hiring You?” When answering the question, remember to refer to the job description. Mention that you have the skills required that are listed in the ad interim job description. Knowing what the company is seeking in a person is a positive when being interviewed. Also remember on a lot of permanent jobs companies are not able the find the suitable candidate, so will have to fill up the gaps with direct available freelancers.
For sure in many jobsites you can find leads and contact persons that could be your future client.

Focus on what you can do for the company, not what they can do for you. You need to be the companies’ solution. The skills you have must be the skills they are looking for. Being good at a certain task is not as beneficial as being great at tasks that do not always require just one skill.

Never directly compare yourself to others. You are unique and must be able to bring a fresh and unique play to the companies’ game. Do not compare your weaknesses and strong points to others in the company.

The hiring process may be a stressful situation, selected for now hiring is about presentation, confidence and a lot of research, and any ad interim job can be yours!