Freelance job vacancies and how to get noticed

Proactive finding freelance job vacancies with a website or blog, resume, social networks, companies job boards, freelance websites, SEO and more

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The internet is crammed to the brim with freelance job vacancies. It is not possible to apply to them all and find the best ones suited for your skillset and rates. Without letting the world know what skills you have to offer and that you are looking for a job, you will never find the right one.

How do I get noticed - freelance job vacancies?

Applying to freelance job vacancies is necessary, but companies will also do their share of searching for the right candidate on the web. To insure you getting noticed on the web, there are a few things you can do to ensure the right company to come knocking at your door for the skills and services you have to offer.

You need a custom website to showcase the services you offer, may it be an owned website domain or a website created from sites such as 121hub or Websitecreater. This site must enable you to have a blog, with posts about the services that you offer. It must also include samples of the work you have done, your contact information and what your rates will be.

An online resume is a very important factor when wanting companies that have freelance job vacancies available to notice you. Create a resume on places such as LinkedIn. This resume will appear on the net and give you a better chance of being noticed.

Be active on relevant social networks. Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest is the first places companies search when looking for the right candidate. Make sure that you are active and advertise your freelance e services on these networks. Facebook also has groups you can join where companies go in search of the right person for the job.

See whether the companies you like hire freelancers. Freelance job vacancies are often advertised on the website pages. By applying to the position on their websites, companies notice that you visit their sites and read what they have to say, thus you have interest in the company and the fact that they have freelance job vacancies available.

Look for little-known and specialized freelance websites, such as or go to company websites. Although smaller companies may have fewer job vacancies, you will be competing against fewer freelancers also applying for the job. Well-known websites often have more job vacancies but you will be competing against a vast variety of freelancers for the positions. Companies often use that to their advantage, offering little pay for a huge amount of work.

Use the right keywords. SEO (search engine optimization) is a big step you have to understand in order for anyone to find you on the web. Make sure to use the right search phrases and build you service content upon those words.

Don’t wait for them to find you, be proactive! Following up on a proposal shows that you are serious about the position, although you should caution against being annoying to the company.

When applying to a freelance job vacancy, make sure that you check the following points:
• The email subject line could mean that you have the job or not. Make sure that you use the correct wording and be to the point.
• If a company lists a job vacancy on their website and asks for a specific way to write the application, you must follow those rules. If not, your application will be declined.
• Keep your email introduction short. Companies do not have a lot of time to read essays.
• Make sure that the application is tailored to the freelance job vacancy ad. Your skills should be clearly visible in the email you send.
• Ensure that there are no spelling errors in your letter. It shows professionalism and increases your chances to be hired.

It’s not all about searching for the right job; it’s also about making companies that have freelance job vacancies listed on their sites find you! The more you do, the more likely you are to be found!