Freelance projects and interim management on Freelance Management Bank

Freelance projects and interim management, Freelance Management Bank interconnect interim management consultants and companies as project providers.

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Freelance projects on FMB – Freelance Management Bank - we INTERCONNECT we are a freelance projects job board for interim management and consultancy assignments!
Interim management consultants attract the interest of freelance projects providing employers by creating an interim management profile, apply on interim freelance projects and get invited by employers to exchange their profile and resume.

Employers and Mediators can get in direct contact with (independent) interim management consultants by creating a company profile, posting interim freelance projects jobs (adverts) to receive applications and/or search the database to invite suitable candidates.

Interim Managers Consultants – Benefits on freelance projects job board
FOCUS on freelance projects interim management and consultancy assignments.
FREELANCE PROJECTS of possible assignments from companies and mediators.
BETTER SELECTIONS of freelance projects due to extensive and detailed categories.
APPLY DIRECT on posted freelance project job adverts, limited by membership.
REGISTER ONCE set active, update profile and availability to get invited by project providers for freelance projects.

Employers - Freelance Projects Providing Companies & Recruitment Agencies on interim projects board
FREE freelance projects job advertisement and membership!
FOCUS on the sector of temporary, freelance projects interim management consultancy.
INVITE potential candidates for your freelance projects, limited by membership.
ANONYMOUS FREELANCE PROJECTS ADVERTS keeps your hiring confidential (paid option).
SEND ALERTS on freelance projects advertising, increase response of suitable candidates (paid option).
SEARCH access to a database of available candidates for available freelance projects
MANAGE efficient and effective freelance projects, invitations and applicants.