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Freelance jobs and freelancers advantage of working as freelancer - my top 10 list and insights

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Nowadays, many management professionals are considering to become self-employed and are looking the supply of freelance jobs. Seeing the immense popularity of working freelance, many people did conclude that working as a freelancer offers many advantages over a permanent job. Let me give my list and insights of “freelance jobs - the freelancers advantage of working as freelancer”.

#1 Deliver quality output. To become a successful freelancer, there are certain things to be keep in mind. Freelancers on freelance jobs are persons who do not have or want to have any long-term commitment with any employer. Freelancers are selected by companies simply because they can hire skilled and professional experts for a particular period till the job is completed at a competitive fee and get a top quality output in return. As opposed to a regular permanent job, a freelance is a contractor, which will be used exclusively on the major activities which, moreover, will be measurable. In this, freelancers should have the drive to perform on projects.

#2 Own boss. Secondly and the foremost advantage of being a freelancer on freelance jobs, is being your own boss. Working as a freelancer means that you are running a small business with the advantage, that if you are successful, the merits will be attractive but obviously as a own boss you also will have more obligations and targets to be achieved for freelance jobs could be even elevated. On the other hand, freelance work enables one to be independent; to choose their clients, and there will be less or no distractions such as office politics, countless meetings with the boss ect.

#3 Choice of work & customers. Key in freelance jobs is the “choice of work and customers”! Here freelancers can and may choose to do things they really like to do. There is no compulsion whatsoever. You can choose from a variety of freelance work opportunities available. Even combine different kind of freelance jobs, for example; as part-time business consultant and at the same time part-time as an interim manager for different customers, or combine freelance jobs in the business services management sector with another business activity.

#4 Flexible timings. Flexible timings could be another advantage of freelance work. Depending on the work; as a freelancer you are not always stuck up with desk job timings or rather are able to work around the clock. In freelance jobs there will be an contract, in which the customer will capture the commitment, time schedules and the to deliver interim and final results. Moreover, you as a contractor are free to one and another to determine those in your freelance jobs contracts. If you as freelancer would like to have a different work/life balance – re-tune your freelance contracts and freelance jobs. Or take a planned long holiday, when you are in between freelance jobs contracts.

#5 Less costs. Expenses associated with the regular employment job are mostly not there, as freelancers can and will be able to pass it easier into the contract fee. A freelancer will also have the advantage that some costs will be partly eligible for tax deductions. So you will be able to save money.

#6 Extensive work area. Regional and global perspective is another advantage of freelance jobs. You can take up any assignments from around the World. Traveling with the freelance jobs whether or not combined with working from home contracts. Besides it could be a lucrative option (please note the currency risks), such contracts may also strengthen your long-term position of a freelancer as its broaden experience and network contacts.

#7 Network & subcontracting. There is no restriction in the number of freelance jobs, if you are able to take up different types of freelance jobs work which you can combine in the same time period and still get paid for all. Remember you are as a freelancer are responsible for your work and contracts only. With a commercial approach freelancers use an existing network of colleagues and become when it occurs a part-time freelance jobs broker and / or do outsourcing of work. All this to increases flexibility and the number of customers (reducing dependency) while at the meantime it will also increase the revenue. Such an approach would keep freelancers continue working even in less prosperous times. A essential point to bear in mind is that although operating as a skilled freelancer, you as a freelancer must ideally have several clients to serve. A customer base is necessary and would save you from getting into any untoward crisis in case any of your clientele backs out.

#8 Variation
. Freelancers get a feeling of ownership and full job satisfaction. They get the enrichment of expertise since they perform for different kinds of customers on varied freelancers projects. In addition, they can take up two or some more freelance jobs at a time according to their capacity. But the drawbacks are freelancers are not protected by their employers, as there is no binding. There is no assurance of a continuous freelance jobs and therefore sustaining accounts, abiding by workload and laws all pose a difficulty. The target or objective to be achieved ought to be positive mind set of 'the Customer is King'. Freelancers are compelled to adapt themselves to the challenges of different sorts of customers, jobs, timeframes and methods of working. To some it will give extra energy and those freelancers will see it as a challenge to deliver quality output in all circumstance. And other people will not be able to handle this kind of pressure.

#9 Resume & references. Experience is value. In a permanent job you have a bond with the employer and you can not leave without respecting the notice period, even if there is no job satisfaction or when there is an very attractive job offer. In Freelance jobs there is no long term commitment. Another benefit is that by freelance jobs, freelancers will get more and different work experience and also will be approached differently as they will be marked as an enterprising and independent freelancer. Four (or more) freelance jobs in a year will adds to your value, as in a permanent employment situation this will harm your resume.

#10 Career & future employer selecting. Working temporary as a freelancer could be a solution when you are between jobs, want to change, boost your career path - and even - if an employer is not able or willing to offer a (fulltime) permanent job. Avoid the risk of a mismatch, in a consultation a decision can be made to enter into a prolonged probation. Working on a freelance jobs contract makes this possible.

This is my top 10 of “freelance jobs - the freelancers advantage of working as freelancer”. I am curious about your comment(s) and possible additions. Let me know, what you think of this top 10 of freelancers advantages.