How It Works

We INTERCONNECT we are a job board for interim management and consultancy assignments!
interim management consultants attract the interest of project providing employers by creating an interim management
profile, apply on interim projects and get invited by employers to exchange their profile and resume.



FREE basic profile and membership!
FOCUS on interim management and consultancy assignments.
CONTACT direct and fastproject providers and employers.
PROJECTS of possible assignments from  companies and mediators.
LOW COSTS for advanced profile and upgraded membership.
PROMOTIONS optional services to promote your profile.
NO EXTRA COSTS for an acquired assignment.
BETTER SELECTIONS due to extensive and detailedcategories.
SEARCH ENGINES improve findability of your listed profile
NEWS TOPICS publish to promote yourself as a specialist (upgraded members only).
GET HIGHER FEES price flexibility as no intermediary cost saves 20-40% .
APPLY DIRECT on posted project job adverts, limited by membership.
FEATURED PROFILE promotion with peak listings is an paid option.
NEWSLETTER PROFILE LISTING promotion is a periodic paid option .
VIEWS& INDENTIFY CLIENTS available for upgraded membership.
PARTNER ADVERT LINK promotional option and to sponsor FMB.
REGISTER ONCE set active, update profile and availability to get invited by project providers .
INTELLIGENCE read actual topic for interim management consultants in news & contributions.